Make background transparent on logo and avatar

Jay, it would be very helpful to have your timezone appear with embedded dates.

At the moment I see this:


This was fine when you were in Reno, but less good for Florida!

Is here: /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=discourse%20local%20dates%20default%20timezones

Hmm. I’m not quite sure where you see that, even with the screen shot, but I added “America/Chicago” which is where I think that I’ll mostly live (both my “vacation home” and the one that I think we will be renting in another few months are here in US-CDT), so maybe that’ll help.

I can’t remember if you can see my presence or I’ve turned it off somewhere that non-admins can’t see it.

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If I drop a date into a post, which is a very handy way of trying to co-ordinate things like talking to you.


This is what I see on your user card (not much):


I added a bio!

Was the time that you just added supposed to be yesterday? There was a bug in that timezone stuff recently that may still not be fixed (or maybe it’ll get fixed when I upgrade later today).

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It would look a bit nicer without the “am who” I reckon. But otherwise sweet!

True enough! Thanks. Done.

Got another ‘little tweak’. Your avatar flair (which I really like) would look a lot nicer with a transparent background I reckon.

It looks a bit like a New Zealand bird called a Kokako:

Yes! This has been on my list for a while now.

It’s modeled after a California Quail: California quail - Wikipedia

Here’s one in my (now former) yard:

Google Photos

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