Welcome to the Literate Computing Dashboard

Welcome to the Literate Computing dashboard! You can use this dashboard to install and manage Discourse on your own Digital Ocean droplet with email support.

This Discourse-based installer is a new interface to the same installation scripts that Literate Computing has been developing since 2016.

Why Literate Computing Dashboard

  • Literate Computing has been providing Discourse installation installation and support since 2016 and has done hundreds of installations. This Discourse plugin is a front end to the installation scripts that have been developed and improved over the years.
  • This dashboard will allow you to create Digital Ocean droplets, configure mailgun, and install Discourse, all with a few clicks–with email support if you need help or something goes wrong.
  • The Literate Computing Dashboard is a Discourse Plugin that allows you to use the very same Ansible scripts that I use to install and manage Discourse for Literate Computing clients.