Summary Emails being sent are including old Welcome to Discourse messages

Hi @pfaffman we started getting reports from users that they are getting Daily Summary emails from Discourse that just include a single old message that says Welcome to Discourse. It looks like this might have started after we updated to 3.3.0beta2 on May 9. These “Welcome to Discourse” messages shown in the summary emails have been older messages from when they were added to Discourse and in many cases are from a year or two ago.

Have you seen this or know how to prevent those from going out to these users?

Hey Bill.

That is strange and annoying. I’ve not heard of anything like that. You might run an upgrade and also have a look at the summary emails at admin/email/preview-digest – that will show you what the summary/digest emails will look like.

Please note that if you have maxmind configured you’ll need to add your maxmind ID (Configure MAXMIND for reverse IP lookups - sysadmin - Discourse Meta). You can add it via the dashboard. I can give you a hand if you like.

I am familiar with the contents of the Summary emails. I received more information from our users and it appears that following the update, summary emails are being delivered every day to all users, not just users who have new items in the discussions. Something has changed or gone wrong since applying the update. Most of these users have no new content but continue to get new daily summaries.

Prior to the update you only got summary emails for new messages that were posted that day/previous day. If no messages were posted, you did not receive a summary email, which is the expected behavior.

@pfaffman, here is an example screenshot. This person never logged into Discourse previously and is not currently a member of any group, so there is no NEW activity to receive and she shouldn’t be getting Summary emails, and she has received this same summary email every day since the update. the only message she sees is her welcome message from over 2 years ago. It’s causing a bit of a panic, and I’m worried users will start marking these as SPAM, causing damage to our email reputation and causing messages to be blocked or slowed by our provider or spam filters.

I updated to 3.3.0.beta3-dev and will monitor to see if this resolves the issue.

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If you can, run another upgrade now. Perhaps there was something wrong in that version. I will take a closer look as soon as I can, but I’m traveling and don’t have as much time as usual.

Hmm. so if they haven’t logged in, then it is new activity?

That’s definitely not expected.

I just initiated another rebuild and removed the Spoiler Alert plugin (now included in core).

Maybe disabled summaries for people who don’t log in? suppress digest email after days?

Oops. Just saw that you’d already run an upgrade. I doubt mine will make a difference, but it can’t hurt to remove the unnecessary plugin (I don’t expect it will help, either).

I can’t tell what user is getting the extra emails.

You could considering turning off summary emails until this is figured out

Hi @pfaffman Following up on the issue from last week. It appears that updating to the latest release on Friday and doing a rebuild has stopped the issue. We have not received any new reports of the problem and a review of the mail logs with our mailing provider show this has stopped as well.

I did turn off the “welcome” message so new users don’t get that in a summaries going fowrad I am also considering disabling the Summary for those who have not logged in after X days. Maybe set it to a year or something, but we have many users who like to monitor the discussions and not actively participate on a regular basis so we may hold on implementing that unless the problem continues.