Permitting users to add profile pictures/avatars

I have a user that is unable to upload an avatar/profile picture, although I have been able to do so, and at least one other user, too. They have done some digging, and sent me this message and this looks like something related to the installation rather than the settings that I can control. Are you familiar with this, and how to fix it?

It has something to do with your S3 (Amazon Simple Storage System) that all images, videos and text on your forum are uploaded to and stored. There seems to be a change in the permissions for the ‘Bucket’ (storage server space) specifically for Profile/Avatar image uploads.

There seems to have been an update (server-side) to the permissions following the early adopters uploading their Avatars. Since then only system-assigned Avatars are visible without any upload options.

Are you able to ask your Discourse developer to check the permissions and integration of S3? It may just be a tick box somewhere or a line of code missing.

The S3 must be working to some point as it is used when users upload text and images via forum posts (this post thread is an example).

I have tried alternative browsers to see if it is a native issue to Chrome on MAC. However, Firefox (Developer Edition) and Safari offer the same user experience and are unable to change or upload an alternative Avatar.

Hey Sam. Sorry I didn’t notice this sooner.

I don’t have an account on your site that is managed here, so I can’t see much. If you have configured S3, you’ve not used the recommended method, so that’s probably where I’d start.

But I checked your S3 settings from the console and you have not configured S3, so I don’t know what the person’s comment is based on.

I’m not familiar with S3 so don’t know where/how to configure that, but is it actually necessary to allow users to have a profile picture? I was able to add one, and so have a couple of other users, so I don’t really understand why the option wasn’t presented to this user. I was able to do it manually as admin, but that’s not a good way forward in general.

I can’t imagine what the issue could be or why they suggested it had to do with s3. You’re not using s3, so it has nothing to do with that. No, s3 isn’t required for avatars to work. All your other users can change theirs.

My best guess is some browser issue. Have they tried anther browser or incognito?

I did ask them to try another browser and they had the same issue, but I can suggest incognito and see if that helps.

You’re talking about, right?

It doesn’t use S3, so I can’t make any sense of their comment, unless you previously had s3 configured and have now removed it? But you don’t seem to know what S3 is, so that doesn’t make sense either.

Oh, and he even says he’s used multiple browsers in his original message. Since you are able to edit his profile in his user profile, I’m pretty stumped.

What user is it?

I checked, and none of your uploads refer to S3. They are all local uploads.

Is this user using the correct site?

And I created an account and changed the avatar. Both gravatar and upload work.


But I switched my user to not be an admin, and now there is no option to change avatars!

Hey Sam.

Looks like there was a bug with the avatar permissions. I think it was related to adding group permisions to them rather than having them controlled only by trust level.

I upgraded your site and it’s resolved.

Sorry I didn’t make sense of this sooner, but the stuff about the S3 sent me off in a totally wrong direction, so it didn’t occurr to me that it was as simple as “regular users can’t change avatars” which turned into “…because there is a bug”.

I imagine that the bug was in the code for only a day or two, so it was just unlucky on your part that you got bitten and probably very few had the problem (since you’d needed to have upgraded your site in a period of hours that the bug existed), so it wasn’t widely reported.

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OK, thank you for persisting, and for identifying the underlying cause. My member has been following this discussion and confirmed that they can now control their own avatar.

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Great! Glad to hear that.