3.3.0.beta2 released! Command line upgrade recommended!

Discourse 3.3.0.beta2 has been released and received an email last night reporting that upgrading from the Discourse upgrade interface left the site unusable. Rebuilding from the Dashboard did solve the problem.

I recommend that you not upgrade using /admin/upgrades and either upgrade from the Literate Computing Dashboard or wait for me to do it. (If you’re not a current Dashboard subscriber, then a command line ./launcher rebuild app is recommended.)

There have been a few other little issues that I am waiting to be resolved before I push the upgrade to everyone. There are no serious security issues with this upgrade, so I expect that I will do the upgrade late next week.

Maxmind now requires Account ID

If you’re using Maxmind for reverse IP lookups then you need to add your DISCOURSE_MAXMIND_ACCOUNT_ID as described at Configure MAXMIND for reverse IP lookups - sysadmin - Discourse Meta. It’s possible to add that ENV variable from the Dashboard if you click “Manage plugins and settings”. It sounds like if you don’t include the account ID the rebuild will fail (this is one of the issues I’m hoping will be improved in the next few days). If you’re comfortable with the command line, you can run discourse-setup and it should prompt for the ID and disable maxmind if it’s not provided.

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