Your card was declined

Using a Test Card i get this message: Your card was declined. Your request was in live mode, but used a known test card.

Is there any specific date i need to use?

Hey @cerveceroscaseros , sorry for the confusion. I am in the process of switching to a live-credit card site, so the test card numbers no longer work.

Please tell me what you were going to order, and I’ll create it for you by hand.

Oh i see!. I was looking to signup for one instance Discourse rebuild.

Darn. I’ll get that sorted in the morning (about 15 hours).


no problem thanks for your support!.

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OK. Have a look now. It looks like I decided at some point that you could have only one un-configured server at a time (and maybe I got confused about which group controls which server type.

You should see “click to configure” in the top nav bar now.

Thanks a lot! i will follow the instructions.

Hello, i added the hostname for a new instance. But there is no step to follow as connecting to DO droplet.

You said that you want a rebuild. You don’t need any DO or Mailgun API keys, you just need to add the ssh key to your server with the command on the page.